GWB Releases RFP for NonTrade Apprenticeship Programs

The Governor’s Workforce Board (GWB) is seeking proposals to develop traditional Registered Apprenticeship (RA) programs within Rhode Island’s largest and or growing industries.

The federal Department of Labor has recognized apprenticeship as an effective strategy towards increasing skills and employment; “Registered apprenticeship is an important talent development strategy and a critical post-secondary education and training alternative in the suite of options offered through the workforce system”[1]

The Governor’s Workforce Board Biennial Plan, for fiscal years 2018-2019, further prioritizes non-traditional apprenticeships through two strategy areas, Demand Driven Investments and Career Readiness and Pathways. Each of these priorities will stand to meet employers’ and growing Industry needs, advance the skills of Rhode Islanders and strengthen coordination within the workforce network.

Non-trade apprenticeships are increasingly being recognized as effective pathways towards careers that offer family-sustaining wages and pathways from entry level to middle skilled or professional careers.  A non-traditional or non-trade apprenticeship is considered to be one outside of the skilled trades.  “Once primarily the ‘best-kept secret’ of the construction industry, the model is now being utilized around the country in non-traditional occupational areas such as Information technology and Healthcare.  In many states apprentices earn college credits while employed in their RA program.” [2]  Emerging apprenticeship opportunities in non-traditional areas include such occupations as computer systems analysts and prosthetics technicians.

Interested applicants can view the RFP here.

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