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As companies grow, the skill sets of their employees need to grow, too. Whether you are looking to train potential new hires or your existing workers, GWB and our workforce partners can help you identify and secure the training resources to develop the skills your team.


Learn more about the DLT Business Workforce Center

The DLT Business Workforce Center is your central hub for training services offered through the state One Stop Career Centers, including:

  • On the Job Training (OJT) – You Hire. You Train. We Pay. Through OJT, employers may be reimbursed up to 50% of the wages earned by eligible new trainees while they learn the job. Additional conditions apply.
  • Customized Training (CT) – CT offsets up to 50% of the cost associated with training new workers. CT is best used when an employer wants to train more than one individual. Additional conditions apply

Click here to view the IWTG Program Guidelines

To apply for an Incumbent Worker Training Grant, click here.

The IWTG Program was created for the purpose of providing grant funding for continuing education, training, and upskilling of incumbent employees at existing Rhode Island employers. The program provides matching reimbursement grants of up to 50% to employers that pay for preapproved, direct, training-related costs. Grants are available up to $50,000.00 and are capped at a per-trainee amount of $5,000.

Encouraging Rhode Island employers to invest in their workforce enhances the overall competitiveness of the Rhode Island economy while delivering transferable skills to their employees which increases their earning potential and employability.

Are you a company associated with the Marine Trades or Manufacturing?

If you are a manufacturing company, or seek to train individuals related to the marine trades (boat building, captain, etc.) and composites industry, the GWB encourages you to contact one of the following Real Jobs RI approved incumbent-working training providers to access training grants, technical assistance and more:

Rhode Island Marine Trades Association (RIMTA)

Polaris MEP (for manufacturing)


  • Up to $50,000 in matching grant funds over a 12 month period
  • No more than two (2) grants in a 12 month period.
  • No less than 50% employer match required
  • Per trainee cap of $5,000

To be eligible for funding, applicants must pay into the Job Development Fund, be current on all Rhode Island tax obligations, must be in good standing with the state Workforce Regulation and Safety division, and must not have been debarred (prohibited) from contracting with an agency that administers federal funds. To verify if your company pays into the Job Development fund and is current on all tax obligations, please contact the RI Division of Taxation at 401-574-8700.

When applying, businesses should have the following documents available:

  1. Training outline
  2. Other training-related documents such as quotes, invoices, estimates, and/or reservation confirmations

To view a SAMPLE Completed Application, click here

State Supplier Requirement: In order to receive reimbursement for wages paid through the Incumbent Worker Training Grant (IWTG) program, the State of Rhode Island requires that the employer be registered as a supplier with the State Division of Purchasing. The IWTG program is unable to issue payments if an employer is not registered.  If you are not yet registered as an approved RI state supplier, please visit the Rhode Island Financial Accounting Network System (RIFANS) website to download and complete the Supplier Packet. This should be your first step prior to applying for the Incumbent Worker Training Program.

Click Here for RIFANS Website

PREVIOUS RECIPIENTS:  If your organization has participated in the Incumbent Worker Training Grant program, Work Immersion program, Real Jobs RI program, or has otherwise received payment from the State within the last five years, it is likely that your organization is already registered with the Division of Purchasing.

A summary of the Incumbent Worker Training Grant program changes is available here.

Apprenticeship is a tried and true training model that is increasingly being utilized as a structured education and work-skill training opportunity. The ability to ‘learn and earn’ through apprenticeship is mutually beneficial to employer and employee. Employers are able to develop a tiered pay structure that grows as the individual’s value to the company grows. Employees are able to learn on-the-job while supporting themselves/families and developing skills for an in-demand career. The Non-Trade Apprenticeship Expansion program provides development funds to organizations throughout the state to create new and innovative apprenticeship models outside of the traditional trades.

NONTRADE APPRENTICESHIP DEVELOPMENT ASSISTANCE: The Apprenticeship RI program is available to all employers and can help with designing and registering a new Apprenticeship program; maximizing state and federal financial benefits; connecting with other employer and higher education partners; and leveraging national Apprenticeship initiatives. All at no cost!

NONTRADE APPRENTICESHIP DEVELOPMENT GRANTS: Non-Trade Apprenticeship Development Grants fund the development and expansion of innovative apprenticeship models in occupations outside of the traditional trades. The Governor’s Workforce Board is seeking proposals to develop non-traditional Registered Apprenticeship (RA) programs within Rhode Island’s largest and or growing industries. Applications are due November 2, 2018. For more information, review the RFP here. Questions and answers received in regards to the RFP as of 10/15/2018 can be viewed here.

  • Click here to view FY2017 Awardees
  • Click here to view FY2018 Awardees

NONTRADE APPRENTICESHIP INCENTIVE: Are you an employer who is hosting a non-trade apprentice? Pursuant to RI General Law 42-102-13, the GWB offers an incentive of $1,000 per non-trade apprentice provided the apprentice is registered with the State Apprenticeship Office and has completed their required probationary period. Employers are eligible for up to $5,000 in monetary incentive within any 12 month period. The application can be viewed here.

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Real Jobs RI Industry Partners work with the state workforce development system and other entities to meet employers’ present and future talent needs. Solutions include training potential new hires or upskilling current workers based on industry skill needs.